Travel Safe...Our Campervans have no sign writing!


Insurance (included): Standard excess is $3,000

Our insurance policy is very simple; if you have an accident, you are required to pay a maximum of $3,000. This covers both single vehicle and multiple vehicle accidents. A Credit or debit card bond is required, and you can drive on sealed roads only (no driving on unsealed roads).

Zero Excess Insurance (optional): $22 per day or maximum $590 per hire

If you have an accident, you do not have to pay anything. This also covers multiple tyre punctures and one windscreen. No bond is required, and you can drive on both sealed and unsealed roads.


Insurance Option:Bond/Excess Price per day
Zero Excess for
Stress free Traveller
(most Popular)
(maximum $590 per hire)
Standard Insurance

Risk taker (Standard insurance, please remember ): Insurance is not compulsory in New Zealand If you have an accident, your are liable for cost, even if another person is at fault. We will refund you after we recover cost from the other party.


Auckland : 12 Pavilion Driver, Mangere, Auckland

Christchurch : 3 Doric Way, Islington, Christchurch

Phone Numbers

Free phone (within New Zealand)
0800 33 44 44

From overseas, phone:
+ 64 9 255 5444